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How Does It Work?

D&D Energy Resources offers “Direct Participation” though our drilling prospects. Direct participation is really the simplest way to participate in an oil venture. This is done in a five step process:

  1. Choose the project you are interested in
  2. Select the amount of the project that you are choosing to participating in
  3. Fill out the necessary paperwork
  4. Send in the signed paperwork and the appropriate funding amount for your participation in the project (Depending on the size of the project, reaching the fully funded status can take several months)
  5. When the project is fully funded development of the mineral acreage will usually begin within a few weeks (weather permitting)

D&D Energy is an owner operator:

This means that the project mineral acreage is leased, drilled, produced and operated by D&D Energy. This process helps to eliminate the “middle men” in most oil and gas ventures. We offer our clients the opportunity to deal directly with our company and its projects. This eliminates the usage of multiple placement agencies or promotion companies that are used by most oil ventures to fund their project. These are presented as or also known as non-operated or non op ventures.

By the time most participants have the ability to look at an oil or gas project; the original project has been marked up by promotion companies by as much as forty percent or more. Unfortunately, those promotion companies not only raise the price of the project; they also do not have any real hands on knowledge of the day to day events on the project or mineral lease that effect your bottom dollar. D&D Energy’s direct participation offers the participant the ability to eliminate the middle men and participate in the project before any markups are added to it by third party companies.

At D&D Energy you know your project cost and every dollar of your participation is based on the “AFE” or “Authority for Final Expenditure”. As part of direct participation our projects are drilled tested and completed according to the AFE. This allows you to know exactly how the funds you participate with are to be dispersed. Most projects with cost in addition to the AFE are promoted projects. This means that every dollar above the AFE goes in that promotion companies pocket; not your project. Direct participation with D&D is on an AFE basis and is the best way to make sure you maximize your participation dollar.

At D&D Energy we strive to keep participants up to date on the latest events and production information available from the project they have chosen to participate in. This means that through direct participation the participants are dealing with one company that not only knows you but also knows the project you are in.